Rixanne Lefco - Director

My name is Rixanne Lefco and I am the Director at the Kids Rule AcademyKids Rule academy is Mequon’s newest Pre-School Education Center and Day Care located inside the Christian Life Church (formally Beth Al Synagogue).  I am very excited to be part of building the Academy from just a simple idea to a very large upscale child education facility with many unique programs and exceptional care.  I have been working with children of pre-school ages for over 30 yearsI love my job and I do it with the great honor, dignity, honesty, and respect.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee WI.  I grew up in a big family with Jewish traditions.  Just like every child, I had many visions of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  As the oldest of three children in my family, I had to babysit a lot.  I babysat my siblings and my cousins when suddenly I discovered a great love and passion for children.  I felt a great deal of satisfaction while teaching my younger sister and brother different things.  My future was clear. I wanted to work with children more and more.  When I went to UWM, I majored in Social Work to help children and to give guidance to them for what lies ahead.

After I got married and had children of my own, and after my youngest was placed into Jewish Pre-school, I was offered a job at the JCC.  I became a teacher at their Pre-school center in Mequon (it was located in the very same building where the Kids Rule Academy is located now).  Over the past 24 years I have been working as a teacher, 12 out of which were as the Director.  I still remember my very first class.  All of those kids are grown now and have children of their own.  I realized how long I have been educating children when some of my first graduates brought their own children to me.  WOW!  During all those years I had a chance to work with a truly great staff and thousands of amazing “little personalities”.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my work.  Working with children, educating, and nurturing them is my life!  My work with children has definitely made me a better mother, teacher, director, and friend.

My philosophy as an educator and the director evolves around the development of children.  My job is to make sure that all teachers are being developmentally age appropriate and that we are aware of the social, physical, emotional, and the cognitive wellbeing of each child.  I also make sure that children learn to socialize, play, share and to communicate with others.  I always give children the opportunity to be creative and to express themselves.  These skills must be taught to a child at the early stage of their development and is vital to the growth of a child. 

My administrative duties are to oversee and to develop programs and to control the Academy’s everyday process and operation.  As the director I make sure that the teachers have the knowledge, experience, and the training necessary to provide children with many different opportunities and experiences.  I make sure the teachers stay certified and licensed and follow the Academy’s programs and visions.  Every day I make sure we provide a nurturing, safe and fun environment for all the children under my care and supervision.  I work closely with every teacher and we make an outstanding team.  My staff and I always continue to learn right along with the children.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking and talking like a child while in the classroom.  This is when I know I am doing my job 100%. 

At the Kids Rule Academy we take the Reggio inspired approach that gives children the opportunity to be creative thinkers, to be inspired, and to initiate their own learning.  This approach makes a child more visible, makes their voice heard, and gives them a chance to take the lead.  This approach is all about teaching, learning, and advocating for a child.  It makes the teachers research and listen, and then guide the children to document their learning experience. 

I personally take a lot of pride in what I do every day.  I certify to all the parents that the Kids Rule Academy is absolutely the BEST pre-school education center and day care in the area.  My staff and I promise you that we will exceed your expectations and you will be more than happy with our care, education, and safety.  Please call me or visit me at the Academy any time during the day.  Our space is limited; please do not wait to sign up for our programs.”

Truly yours,


 Rixanne Lefco