Hot lunches at the Kids Rule Academy are provided by Quality Catering, a caterer dedicated to nutrition and to educating children about healthful eating habits.

Kids Rule Academy and Quality Catering ensures that its meals meet or exceed the USDA’s “Food Plate” nutrition guidelines, with all menus reviewed by the company’s staff Registered Dietitian. 

Kids Rule Academy is serving Organic Menus (ONLY), which have been selected to meet the nutrition needs and taste preferences of children, and the desire of parents and educators to be comprised of organically produced foods.  Meals are all trans- fat free.  Unlike our competitors, we do not try to cut the cost of food by using canned foods and canned ingredients.  Absolutely NO canned foods and NO canned ingredients!!!  We only use Natural ingredients as well as natural fruits and vegetables. 

The Kids Rule Academy partnered with Quality Catering because this is the only caterer that voluntarily has the USDA inspect its kitchens each and every day to ensure safe food handling procedures. No other child care center goes to such lengths to ensure food safety. 

Our meals have been “kid tested,” so we know children enjoy the taste. That means they eat more of the Kids Rule Academy meals and, thus, benefit from the balanced nutrition each meal provides. (A nutritious meal is only nutritious if it is consumed!) 

* Unfortunately, we could not find any Catering Services in our home state that can cook Organic meals for us.  Therefore, we had to go all the way to Crystal Lake Illinois to find this special caterer.  Our lunches are delivered from Illinois every day and are kept warm until served.  Our convenience and money saving are the last things on our mind when it comes to serving your children!

Please ask for our Lunch/Snack/Fruit menu by email