4-K Curriculum

4-K Curriculum


Our 4-K teachers are DPI Certified and have Bachelor degrees in Early Childhood Education and Curriculum Development.  Our Classroom size is 13, and the ratio is 13 to 2.  So, every child gets a personalized attention every day.  Our Educational/Academic program runs Mo-Fr from 9am to 3pm.  Children can be here from 7am to 6pm.  We offer Organic Hot Lunch and 2 Snacks.  We offer many other classes like, Music, Dancing, Fun and Funny Gym with Lenny, Creative Art, Tae Kwando, and basic children self-defense and awareness.  All these classes are taught by professional off site teachers, and are offered every week at NO additional cost.  You are strongly encouraged to compare our Curriculum and our facility to Mequon-Thiensville School District Curriculum. On this page you will find a summary of our 4-K Curriculum:


  • Descriptive speech and objectives when speaking
  • Use past, present, and future tenses when speaking
  • Take “basic” questions and ask a child to explain/restructure question in more details (e.g., not just “Why”, but “Why do seasons change?”, etc.)


  • Use print and visual clues to read “stories” independently
  • Recognize letter sounds and identify the 26 letters in the Alphabet
  • Follow text left to right
  • Begin to learn a few sight words

Writing Skills

  • Writing First and Last names
  • Refine children’s fine motor skills
  • Attempt to spell words using letter sounds and phonemes
  • Communicate through written words


  • Recall and count sequence to 100
  • Build up to 20
  • Compare numbers to 20 (more than/less than)
  • Understand relationship between numbers and quantities up to 20
  • Identify “first” and “last”, “left’ and “right”, “small” and “large”, “short” and “tall”, “long” and “short”
  • Sort objects into categories and count the number of objects in each category up to 20

Time and Spatial Relations

  • Understand length of time (second, minute, hour)
  • Vocabulary (later, before, often, more, less)
  • Proportions and spatial relations

Numbers and Numerical Operations

  • Demonstrate numbers and numerical orders
  • Solve simple math problems
  • Create and sort numbers by sets
  • Estimation (make with increased accuracy)
  • Matching numbers 1-20
  • Manipulate with “100 Table”

Geometry and Measurement

  • Properties of different shapes
  • Create new shapes from existing shapes
  • Use both Standard and Non-Standard measurement tools
  • Explore various units of measure using different tools


  • Investigation of properties: Observe – Describe – Explore – Compare and Contrast
  • Living things and the Environment
  • Recognize the properties of living things
  • Become familiar with properties and elements of the Environment
  • Forces of nature: Magnets, Concepts of Gravity, Motion with Purpose
  • Scientific Inquiry Skills: Questioning (what, why, when, how), Hypotheses, Planning experiments, Coming to conclusion about outcomes, Solving and planning complex problems
  • Tools and resources: Selecting appropriate tools for tasks, Independent use of classroom resources, Recording observations


  • Use age appropriate technology (computers, tablets)
  • Understand the various ways in which it can be used
  • Explore and investigate topics using technology

Creativity and Art

  • Visual Art: Choosing materials and tools, Demonstrating ideas (visual medias and materials), Distinguishing between forms of visual media, Making observations
  • Music: ½ hour music class with professional music teacher per week + daily music lessons in class, Recognizing differences in genres, Recognizing, Repeating, and Creating Rhythms and Melodies, Understanding and recognizing musical concepts.  We give Concerts to parents every 3 months.
  • Dance and Creative Movements: Coordinating movements to music and sounds, Displaying spatial and relational awareness, Using imagination and creative movements with music
  • Dramatic Art: Planning and performing complex dramatizations with peers, Using child’s imagination to stimulate various environment and situations, Composing and directing stories and plays

Social and Emotional

  • Developing Identity: Using expressive language to describe feelings and personal characteristics, Taking pride in accomplishments, abilities, and characteristics, Impacting world and others
  • Emotional Intelligences: Problem solving skills, Understanding how personal actions impact others, Demonstrating compassion and empathy for others

Caring for the Environment

  • Take care of living and non-living things
  • Have positive impact on Environment


  • We are 100% All Organic Center
  • Food Choices
  • Understand the benefits and characteristics of healthy, nutritious foods

Health and Safety

  • ½ hour Karate/Children’s Self Defense and Awareness class per week
  • Respect and create safety rules
  • Take initiative for personal care and hygiene
  • Apply safety rules to personal conduct

Motor and Fitness

  • ½ hour “Fun and Funny Gym” with Lenny class per week
  • ½ hour Tae Kwando (by Family Tae Kwando Champions of Mequon) class per week
  • In Summer our 3+ Acre back yard turns into a Thyme Park with inflatable water slides and fun sprinkler systems
  • Coordinate multiple muscle movements
  • Seek out and enjoy engaging in multiple physical activities
  • Understand basic ideas about how exercise and physical activities benefit the heart and muscles


*Compare our 4-K Curriculum to Mequon-Thiensville School District 4-K Curriculum*