About us

When my daughter, Aleksandra, turned two-years-old, I began looking for daycare centers in the Mequon area. I have been a resident of Mequon for over 20 years and thought it would be easy to find a great daycare for my daughter. After three years of sending Aleksandra to a number of local daycares, including both corporate and small day car centers, I found there was something missing from my daughters day care experience. While these daycares had loving and caring teachers, none of them provided any real preschool education. They were essentially providing glorified babysitting services. From this arose the idea to open a real education center for children and thus Kids Rule Academy was born.

Kids Rule Academy is not just another babysitting service, we are an education center. As an education center we proudly provide your child the tools to succeed though preschool education while offering a long and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is based on the educational approaches and philosophy of Reggio Emilia and Dr. Maria Montessori. We offer a fully rounded group of educational programs that are focused on: math, computers, reading, arts and crafts, dancing, music and singing, aerobics, and much more.

The Kids Rule Academy approach to teaching young children puts the natural development of children at the center of our philosophy. Our core belief is that children should be given every opportunity to develop their potential. We believe that children are beautiful, powerful competent, creative, curious, and full of potential and it our job to teach them to be an architect of knowledge, rather than a target of instruction.

Our education takes place in the form of projects that are designed to provide opportunities for the children to explore, observe, hypothesize, questions, and discuss in order to enhance their understanding. We approach children as social beings so a special focus is made on the children in relation to other children, their family, their teachers, and their community. 

You and your child will be amazed when you visit our beautiful decorated academy. We have done everything to unsure that our academy is the cleanest and most beautiful daycare center as possible. We want your child to feel safe and completely happy at our academy from the moment you walk in.

Plain and Simple: We guarantee that your child will stand out with their academic abilities when they are ready for elementary school. We guarantee your child will have a well rounded and diverse educational foundation that will propel them to elementary school and through their academic careers.

We would love to give you the opportunity to experience the Kids Rule Academy. Please call us at 262-242-5500 to set up a tour and see what we are so excited about. 

Alex V. Mazur and Kids Rule Academy staff