Special Features

Every one of our classrooms is equipped with hi-resolution web cameras! Parents will have a unique password to access these cameras and to see their child inside the classroom any time of the day.  Cameras can be accessed from your home or office or from anywhere else you might be.  You will need an internet connection and you can access the web camera from your PC, I-pad, I-phone, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, or any other  ‘berry’ you might use.  A Special waiver must be signed during enrollment process by every parent in order to use this feature.  Please refrain from using this feature while driving or operating heavy machinery. 

All of our teachers have I-Pads handy every day while in classroom and outside on the playground for the following reasons:

  • instant communications with parents via email, Skype, etc  
  • “face time” among parents-teachers-students (if necessary and during emergencies)
  • for instant access to Google Search to find answers to any questions your children might have
  • all the I-Pads will be connected to “Smart” TV’s in every classroom, so answers to your    
  • children’s questions can be displayed immediately  
  • using I-Pads teachers will be able to document your child’s educational progress and share it   with you via video or pictures
  • simply take videos and pictures of your child’s most memorable moments during the day  
  • teachers will be able to take instant notes about your child’s progress or challenges which will help them to prepare monthly report cards and evaluate their work    
  • teachers will be able to instantly track our calendar and your children’s daily activities and schedules which will allow them a lot more time for education and games    
  • and many more as the opportunities become endless when the right technology is available


I-Pads are the property of the Kids Rule Academy and cannot be carried outside the premises.  The information collected is used only for educational purposes and is only available to parents and the staff of the Academy.  Information is also available to the WI Department of Children and Families upon their request, if such request deemed necessary and reasonable.