We proudly serve Certified Organic

While setting up our Center I wanted to serve USDA Certified ORGANIC meals. After a very extensive search I realized that there is NO caterer in WI with USDA Certification Stamp. Many caterers offered something they called “organic”, BUT the only organic thing about it was the label on a metal can. LOL Seriously! … they offered “organic” product inside a metal can (if you ever come across a metal can with “organic” label on it, please see all the chemicals and preservatives listed on the back of this can). In short, childcare centers and school in WI serve meals made with foods out of metal cans, frozen foods like chicken nuggets, fries and pizza, and preserved fruits and vegetables. As a very concerned parent, I was not going to put up with it!

I expended my search to nearby states, and I was very lucky to find Quality Catering – a kitchen in Illinois providing 100% USDA ORGANIC menu.

Quality Catering ensures that its meals meet or exceed the USDA “Food Plate” nutrition guidelines, with all menus reviewed by the company’s Registered Dietitian, Emily Botma, RD.

Together with Quality Catering we serve only Certified Organic Meals, which have been selected to meet the nutrition needs and taste preferences of your children, and to meet the desire of parents and educators to be comprised of organically produced foods. All meals are trans-fat free. Absolutely NO canned foods and NO canned ingredients!!!

In addition to our Organic menu, we serve FRESH fruits for the morning snack and FRESH vegetables for the evening snack daily. FRESH – not out of a metal can  We are totally NUT FREE

We keep very close monitoring of all the children with food allergies Please email a request for our quarterly menus at info@kidsruleacademy.com